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Welcome to RNS 4G Mobile Networks
« on: June 24, 2019, 10:25:50 AM »
Welcome everyone to RNS 4G Mobile Networks. 90% of all of our services are based on 4G networks. Why do we prefer 4G networks over landlines? Its quite simple really. 4G networks provide access to many more ip addresses than a land line could ever give you access to. With most land line services you get just 1 static ip address these days. This applies to most cable networks and some dsl services as well. On top of that, 4G is what most people on social media networks use daily on their smart phones, so it only seems logical that our services would be based on something that real users use every day.

What easier way to make our botted accounts look more genuine by using mobile networks as opposed to using standard land lines that have a far easier way of getting caught. Mobile networks make us look far more genuine because thats what most legitimate users are on anyways.

Welcome aboard and please feel free to make our corner of the internet your second home!


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