Greece Residential VPN

What can we do with a Greece Residential VPN?

Greece is a very popular virtual destination for European poker players. It is also the preferred location for Google Ad Accounts creators.

Whether you are looking to play on Poker Stars, Full Tilt, or any of the many sports betting sites, a Greece Residential VPN will get you into the action very quickly no matter where you are physically located.

Modern digital information and communication networks reach all areas. There are over 35,000 km (21,748 mi) of fiber optics and an extensive open-wire network. Broadband internet availability is widespread in Greece: there were a total of 2,252,653 broadband connections as of early 2011, translating to 20% broadband penetration.

According to 2017 data, around 82% of the general population used the internet regularly.

Internet caf├ęs that provide net access, office applications and multiplayer gaming are also a common sight in the country, while mobile internet on 3G and 4G- LTE cellphone networks and Wi-Fi connections can be found almost everywhere.

3G/4G mobile internet usage has been on a sharp increase in recent years. Based on 2016 data 70% of Greek internet users have access via 3G/4G mobile.

The United Nations International Telecommunication Union ranks Greece among the top 30 countries with a highly developed information and communications infrastructure.